What is Amazon Seller Support?


Amazon is one of the leading e-retailers in the world with around 232 billion U.S. dollars worth net sales in 2018. For the quarter ending in September 30, 2019 Amazon’s revenues reached $69.981B, which means a 23.69% increase year-over-year. Amazon’s revenue for the twelve months ending September 30, 2019 was $265.468B, meaning a 20.14% increase year-over-year. 

Amazon is the dominant actor in the UK e-commerce market. 86% of UK online shoppers use Amazon. According to the estimations of Euromonitor International, Amazon captured a 31% share of UK online retail sales in 2018.

Amazon’s dominance in UK e-commerce market attracts more and more sellers to enter this marketplace. This then leads to a high level of competition among sellers in Amazon. Being successful in the presence of such a competition is not an easy task. It is true that everyone can make huge profits in Amazon all by himself/herself, but it is also highly common to get Amazon seller support. But then, what is this anyway?

Amazon has very strict guidelines and rules for sellers as well as high level of standards to be met in order to create a profitable business. There are consultancy firms offering Amazon sales support in the UK with their experience and expertise in Amazon requirements, guidelines and search algorithm. To better understand the importance and benefits of such a consultancy, let’s look into general characteristics of the services they offer.


Understanding the Product(s) and Current Status of the Market

Initial step of Amazon seller support is understanding customer’s goals with regard to selling on Amazon. Understanding the product(s) and determining the target buyers come hand in hand with it. At this phase, conducting market research (with a focus on Amazon) and a research for level of competition in this market including the strengths of customer’s products in comparison to the rivals is of crucial importance. Because, the marketing, SEO, photography and copywriting strategy mostly rely on the findings of these researches.

Account Set-up

Although mostly existing sellers on Amazon apply for Amazon sales support, sometimes prospective sellers also start their Amazon operations by getting consultancy services right at the beginning. As a result, companies offering Amazon seller support in the UK also provide account set-up services in this context. This usually includes assisting in all necessary steps towards account creation, and providing all necessary documentation and know-how in this respect.

Product Launch

Product launch in Amazon is not just uploading your product in the system and having stocks available for sale. There are different methods and strategies for product launches and having consultancy on deciding for the best strategy is quite important in reaching high levels of income from selling this particular product.


Copywriting is another key element in success on Amazon. Creating product title, bullet points and description according to Amazon guidelines and reaching a SEO-friendly outcome is important in getting recognised by Amazon search algorithm and winning highers places in the first two pages of search results. Conducting a to-the-point keyword research to find the most appropriate keywords that buyers search for lies in the core of the copywriting process. Finding appropriate keywords is not enough; the seller also needs to find competitive keywords in order to increase their ranking in the search results page. Using these keywords in creating a clear and descriptive copywriting is crucial in affecting potential buyers’ decision to choose your product over other similar products. Using these keywords smoothly in the title, bullet points and description, and creating a high-quality copywriting is not an easy task and highly depends on experience. This content also needs to be SEO-friendly. Also using enough number of high-quality product photos that are eye-catching and informative enough, so that a person could visualise the product correctly in his/her mind by looking at these photos. It is obvious that these key points require high level of experience, which is already present in Amazon seller support companies.

Advertising (PPC)

Given the high level of competition on Amazon, creating perfect copywriting is a prerequisite for success but is usually not enough for reaching the targeted income level. In order to stand out amongst competitors, sellers need to utilise Amazon advertising methods, which are usually called Pay-Per-Click (PPC) in general. PPC can create huge advantages against your rivals and thus huge profits, but could also drain your profit if not used correctly. There are some informative documents and webinars provided by Amazon itself, but finding out the most appropriate PPC strategy requires experience, trial-and-error, and constant overview/update. Companies providing Amazon sales support in the UK also offer services on Amazon PPC and provide invaluable help in creating profit from advertising and overcoming the risk of losing high amount of profit on PPC.

London Bridge Project 

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We provide online (e-commerce/amazon) and offline (direct/field sales) end to end sales services to international companies including all actual sales activies such as cold calling, networking, market analysis, Customer engagements etc.

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We have dedicated sales professionals who are field experts in the FinTech, IT, automotive, textile, machinery, and healthcare sectors to name a few.

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Online (e-commerce/Amazon) Sales Services for our customers

  • Free Preliminary Analysis
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  • Online Sales Operation Management and Optimisation