25 Jun

Online Marketplaces in the UK: Choices on the iStreet

There are over 100 different online marketplaces available for you to sell your products. This is a staggering number. It is essential that you figure out which marketplace is the best for your brand. Some of the things that you need to figure out include which of the product categories, customers, fees and specific requirements will be the best fit for your products. An online sales management service can assist as they understand the different approaches needed for selling on these marketplaces. The main marketplaces that people use both sellers and buyers include Amazon, eBay, Asos, Etsy and Nott on the high street.

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15 Jun

The Fashion of Online Clothing Shopping in the UK

The purchasing of clothes, shoes and accessories in the UK is proving to be more and more popular; over the last 10 years there has been a 10,2% growth. The latest data shows that in December 2019 18.5% of all sales for apparel were made online. In real terms the Online Clothes Market Dossier forecasts fashion e-commerce revenue in the UK to reach $25.2billion in 2020, $27billion in 2021 and slightly over $30billion in 2024.

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14 Jun

What is Actually happening in online retail during COVID-19?

The general perception is that online retail has increased during the last few months during the Coronavirus Pandemic. It feels like everyone is trying to buy groceries online especially so when you realise that there is no delivery slot to your area for two weeks. There is very little option for purchasing clothes anywhere else which is becoming more and more necessary as the seasons change to what seems to be a very hot summer in the northern hemisphere and a cold winter in the southern. But what is really happening, it is always useful for online sales management service in the UK and indeed anyone associated with e-commerce to know what has changed in online retail and to what extent people have deliberately purchased products through online platforms instead of offline specifically during the coronavirus pandemic.

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09 Jun

E-Commerce Payment Methods: Zooming in on Mobile Payment Options

There is nothing nicer than getting to the final click in the purchasing process and you know that your purchase has started its process of arriving to your front door/collection point but in order to get there often you need to still put in all your details for payment possibly for the nth time and this can be frustrating and may just give you that extra time to leave the item in the basket and reconsider your purchase and retailers do not want that. Mobile payment options can go a long way to get rid of this and make the process feel much more personalised. Now not everyone agrees which is why there are so many different payment options available. How customers pay for their goods significantly impacts on the customer experience, customer retention and retailers bottom lines. Sales enablement companies in the UK are always looking for ways in which to provide a seamless and personalised experience. There are specific country quirks that also play a role in the way in which customers choose to pay for their goods. It is essential to understand the current preferences for customers in the market as well as the trends going forward, therefore, local sales support for international businesses in the UK can be very useful

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04 Jun

Country Comparison: The State of E-Commerce

There is no doubt that under the current circumstances e-commerce around the world has increased. We have been given few other choices in terms of the purchasing of goods with many shops closed until further notice. However, to know the extent of the increase and the market share of online retail it is important to know what the circumstances were – we need to know the base line.

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19 May

Does the Choice in Parcel Delivery Company Make a Difference?

The United Kingdom is the world’s third-largest e-commerce market with internet retail sales demonstrating a continuous increase over the last decade. This means that there are a large number and an ever-increasing number of parcels needing to be delivered. When the business of e-commerce is viewed from this aspect the question about the choice of parcel delivery companies definitely does make a difference.

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16 May

London Bridge Project at WORLDEF : WORLDEF ECOMMERCE FORUM on 16 MAY 2020

Our CEO Kemal Sidar, COO Aaron Sarac and Amazon Operations Manager Andrei Buecli will join to WORLDEF as speakers and they will share their insights with attendees.

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14 May

Beauty and the Online Beast