13 Jan

UK, Turkey post-Brexit Free Trade Agreement

The Impact on Trade Between Turkey and the UK The UK and Turkey have entered into a post-Brexit free trade agreement at the beginning of this year. In general the agreement ensures continuity across trade but there is a significant change in proving the origin of the goods which may have an impact on e-commerce businesses.

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11 Jan

Delivery Expectations: How fast is fast enough?

5 Steps to help meet customers delivery expectations In the age of instant gratification customers are expecting faster and faster delivery times; at first two day delivery was the gold standard, now it is next day delivery with same day delivery becoming more frequent. We discuss delivery in detail and provide 5 steps on how to meet customer delivery expectations.

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06 Jan

E-commerce 2020: An Overview of the Year

Key e-commerce figures for 2020 It is always interesting and useful to look back over the year, and arguably even more so for 2020. We look at some key e-commerce figures to provide a picture of the year that has just passed.

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04 Jan

How to Make Money with E-commerce

Everyone who embarks on the journey of selling products has the goal of making money, however, it is not as easy as just setting up an online store and waiting for customers to show up and buy your products. We will provide you with tips for actually making money once you have set up your e-commerce enterprise.

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23 Dec

4 Questions to Help You Choose the Right Online Marketplace

A guide to deciding where to sell your products There are so many different online marketplaces available for you to sell your products and you may even want to sell on all of these, however, this can be overwhelming or not appropriate, depending on what you are selling. We have put together 4 key questions to ask yourself so that you can figure out which marketplace is the best and therefore make you the most profit.

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14 Dec

Brexit and E-commerce: Who Does it Impact?

If your e-commerce business trades and sells outside the UK or across borders in the EU, you are probably going to be affected by Brexit. We briefly explain who will be directly affected by this process and highlight that, for the sake of your business, the customer should not be negatively impacted.

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10 Dec

Brexit and E-commerce: The Basics

In order for your e-commerce business to navigate the complexities of the Brexit process it is necessary to have a basic understanding of what lead to this decision as well as some of the general implications for online merchants.

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02 Dec

Tips to Increase Sales

If sales are starting to slow down, you may need some creative ways to market your products. Some of our suggestions include focusing your marketing efforts on your existing customer base, using video demonstrations to show customers how to use your products, include photographs with testimonials, create a sense of urgency to encourage customers to make a buy and highlight your top selling items.

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16 Nov

How to Choose the Right Product to Sell Online

Choosing a product is incredibly important for the success of any e-commerce store and will have a lasting impact on your business; it can be the difference between success or failure. Having a great product to sell which you are passionate about, is unique and is on trend is the beginning of a successful online store.

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11 Nov

LBP Success Story: Whiskey Stones

Success Story: Whiskey Stones

Exporting is a great growth mechanism for businesses, however, there are many difficulties in actually getting your product into those markets. This week’s success story is about the product Whiskey Stones, which through our analysis and sales management was exported to multiple countries and become a market leader in two countries.

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