A Picture Sells a Thousand Products: The Value of a Good Product Photograph

A picture sells a thousand products and, in the world, where a quick look at a photograph is the way we choose a date, catch up with friends and family there has never been more of a need to have a great picture that captures the product.


The images used to portray products on online platforms are key to sales. The amount of time customers are spending comparing products is often reduced to taking a quick look at the picture representing the item. They are the thing which often makes customers click instead of scrolling past onto a competitor’s product. The pictures chosen need to stand out, they are a substitute  for the actual item on an online platform. Is it a clear picture, are there different angles, can you imagine wearing it, holding it, using it? All these things that are easy to do in the real world are often left to the series of pictures associated with your product to convey.


The pictures stand in for a real-world touch and feel but it also needs to be the right quality. It needs to be clear and of a high enough quality that it looks right, and customers want to click on it, but it should not be too big so that it affects loading time. The longer it takes for a page to respond has a direct impact on the increase in page abandonment. The picture specifications should also be user friendly for both mobile internet users as well as desktop users. Mobile internet users want and indeed expect their browsing experience to mirror what they are used to on a laptop or desktop. The loss of a customer because the image doesn’t work on their phones is not something that should be taking place, especially with an increase in people using mobile phones to make online purchases.


The image associated with the product not only shows your merchandise, but it also is the frontline of your business; customers develop a mental picture of how the business operates through that picture. It is not only important to have good shots because it makes your product more attractive when being compared to others, but it also shows that your business cares enough to focus on the details and takes the time to do things correctly.


Purchasing items online has become a norm in society and as such customers really do expect to get the item they ordered. It needs to be exactly the same as the product description and the associated image, but this is more than just a stiff mechanical tick box experience. Customers expect it to feel they way it was depicted and if it does not this can translate into a very negative review and a return of the product. Customers complaining that the item does not look like the picture makes up a significant portion of returns for online sales. A sales management and business development company can advise on how best to increase conversion rates and stop returns on the basis of product misrepresentation.

In addition to having pictures that look good and that customers can actually view there are specifications provided by most online platforms for product images. Generally, there are some basics that apply across all platforms such as having a pure white background and that the image should match what is stated in the product tile. Some like Amazon provide very detailed specifications which need to be followed in order to be able to actually sell on their site. Amazon provides both base-level requirements as well as image standards specific to the category within which your product falls. All images used have to comply with both sets of requirements. The use of a company who can provide Amazon sales support will go a long way in helping ensure that you have the product images in order.


A good image can be the key to having higher conversion rates resulting in higher revenues. So, in a nutshell remember to have images that are;

Applicable and complete

Technically high-quality

Displayed well on all platforms


Take a look below at some examples of good and bad product images which really show how the right picture can make all the difference in turning clicks into sales.





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