A Rose by Any Other Name: Choosing the Right Online Store Name

A rose by any other name would not smell as sweet – the name of an online shop conveys a lot about the business. The importance of giving your online shop the right name cannot be underplayed. If you have a strong brand name this is a step up when you are starting your business. It is the face of the business, it can be one of the most treasured and useful assets that your business can have – the right name can differentiate your shop, fast-track customer acceptance and drive sales, however, the wrong name can cost time, effort and income.


Finding and securing a great name can be a challenge. Online shops, brands and retailers are launched every day around the world and if you find a name that you like and is appropriate chances are that someone else also finds it attractive. A sales and marketing consulting firm can assist with helping you create the right unique name for your business.


As a starting point we are discussing some pointers and some things to avoid when choosing the name for your online store. 


1.   It should represent what you are selling

2.   The name should be unique (or as unique as possible)

3.   Keep it Short and Simple

4.   Spelling

5.   Think about Online Presence


Representative of your Product

The name of your product should represent some aspect of the product you are selling. A good name conjures up a picture of your product or an essence of the item you are selling for example computer related products represent technology, cosmetics are related to femininity and so the name should convey this.



It is important to make sure that the name of your online store doesn’t already exist, that someone else is not already selling products under your chosen name. A good sales and marketing consultant agency can conduct market research to check whether the name is already taken, or whether a direct competitor has a similar name. If so, then it is best to pick another name that differs completely. A slight similarity has the potential to impact on your business. Given how many online shops and associate names are out there choosing a unique name may be one of the most difficult aspect of choosing the right name. Having a unique name allows you to avoid the chance of it being copied.


Short and Simple is best

If the name you choose is short and simple it is more likely to be remembered, easy to pronounce and spelled correctly by customers. Often business is spread by word of mouth so it is best to have a name that can be passed on correctly.



Spelling is not about spelling the name correctly it is about avoiding the above-mentioned possibility of your business name being copied. Competitors will use spelling varieties to try and copy the name of a successful store so choosing a name which can be changed using spelling variety should be avoided.


Linked to spelling variations is the use of hard to spell words. If you choose a name that is particularly hard to spell, then customers can end up misspelling your shop name which can cause a loss of customers. Avoiding variations also means you dodge the need to try and cover all variations of the spelling to prevent competitors using the misspellings and losing customers. A number of shops use foreign names and then the problem is compounded as many people do not know another language and it can result in names not being remembered which means loss of customers returning or finding your shop.



Check Online Presence

We have already suggested checking to see if your name is unique and a company providing online sales management services could check online platforms but if you are doing it yourself do not forget to look at all online platforms such as Amazon, eBay and Etsy. It is also important to check social media sites as these can be instrumental in growing your brand and it would be very difficult to do so if your name is already taken on sites such as Twitter and Facebook.


There is a lot at stake when first choosing the name for your online shop, but it is important not to get stuck at this point of the process. Yes there are a lot of factors to consider but if you do not choose a name there will be no business and generally if your choose one that feels right (and you use our checklist as a guide) then you are a step closer to having a successful online shop.


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