Amazon Reviews: An Overview

Online reviews are a form of personal recommendations – a digital word-of-mouth. Positive reviews can have a massive impact on the way customers view your business. Reviews have become one of the first ways we check details about the item we are going to buy, it tells us whether other customers are happy with the product, how the business handles complaints and warranty claims.


One study showed that 79% of customers trust online reviews as much as they do personal recommendations and that 73% say that a positive review makes them trust a business more. You could almost say that reviews are a way in which customers communicate with each other, therefore, you want to make sure that the reviews you are getting are positive. A good review can make the difference to customers who are hesitating making a purchase and helps customers choose one online seller over another.


Amazon positive reviews are also all about product rankings, which is key to being successful on the online platform. The ranking on the product list is the way in which Amazon differentiates between the numerous sellers offering the same product, therefore, creating the easy and reliable shopping experience they have come to expect. Having a large number of positive reviews is one way to get into Amazon’s good books it shows customers which sellers it views to be the best and it assures customers of the quality of the product. Both the quantity and quality are important for deciding where the product will appear on Amazon’s product list. More reviews are better, it is more convincing and increases a products visibility on product searches.


There are certain reviews that Amazon prefers over others, these include verified purchase reviews, longer reviews and photo or video reviews.


Amazon uses verified purchase as a way to check that the reviews are genuine, it is the gold standard for reviews. A longer or more detailed review is better than or shorter review or a plain star rating – this will be taken into account when the platform is considering the authenticity of the review and will be more likely to use these in ranking your product on search results. Videos and photographs are great as part of a review and Amazon values these as it provides real insight into the items for other buyers which in turn is good for business.


The good news is that there are multiple ways to try and secure these positive reviews;


One way is to use the Amazon Feedback System (the post-purchase emails from Amazon) and to customise it so that the emails encourage reviews. But be careful in the way that you phrase your request as you should not be directly asking for a positive review as this is frowned on by Amazon.


Another way to get those reviews is through using inserts. An insert is a request for the buyer to review the product which is included in the package when it is shipped. It provides the customer with information about your business – it is a way in which you can reach out to your buyer and give the purchase a personal touch as when the customer feels more connected to your business they are more likely to take the time to leave a good review.


The easiest way is to just try and provide a great customer experience. Although there will be those that are not won over no matter what you do the majority of negative reviews are due to customers perception that that they have been lied to about a product. So, give as much accurate information about the item you are selling to avoid false expectations – it is better to exceed expectations.


What do you do if you get negative reviews on Amazon? The internet seems to bring out the worst in people, it is possible to hide behind an anonymous username and be a bit meaner than what you would be otherwise. It is best to prepare for a bad review as no matter how good your product is you are more than likely to get a bad review. Our suggested copying mechanisms include take a moment to cool down so that you can genuinely reflect on the review, after a day or two the review might even provide insights into improving your product or service delivery. If there is no basis for the review buyers who take the time to read it will realise that it is ridiculous. And perhaps that cool down period will also work in your favour by giving the reviewer some time to reconsider and be open to editing it. The next step is choosing whether or not to respond to the review. If the problem can be solved, then consider a refund or replacement which can often be instrumental in buyers changing their feedback. If this does not work or if it is something that can be addressed, then aim to get enough good reviews to bury the bad one.


Good reviews are really important for the way in which your business is portrayed on Amazon, not only for potential buyers to compare products but also because it is part of the way in which the online platform determines where you end up in the search results, therefore, it can be useful to consult with an online sales management service for handling your presence on Amazon.




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