Another UK Success Story: Outdoor Trousers Sales

Another UK Success Story: Outdoor Trousers Sales

The United Kingdom is a leader in Europe when it comes to e-commerce sites by sales volume. There is a smaller consumer market, yet shoppers spend more per capita online than many other countries. There are some unique characteristics which make it stand out as a seller’s destination of choice. Some have suggested that the weather has something to do with this; as it is definitely more comfortable to shop online from your warm and cosy sofa than to brave the elements out on the high street. And perhaps this does have an impact but some of the very real characteristics are that the UK marketplace is competitive, customer-oriented and has huge buying power. The UK has excellent digital infrastructure, high population density and low shipping costs.


We have helped many sellers make the most of these unique characteristics. Our success stories come from a wide selection of businesses some benefiting from our sales support for international businesses in the UK and others our online sales management services. E-commerce success relies on many factors; at London Bridge Project we work with our sellers to develop a comprehensive seller account management strategy. In the first phase we offer services covering all necessary steps for kickstarting the process of becoming  a seller. This includes account creation, product listing and initiating product sales. The second phase is composed of an initial series of sales followed by optimisation of product description, product images, price and Pay Per Click campaigns. Then comes the third phase where we see an increase in profit from the Amazon seller account. 


By sharing our success stories, we hope to inspire others who are either starting out or ready to take their business to the next level. 


This week’s success story is from an Outdoor Trousers Sales Operation. Outdoor equipment and textiles are classed as one of the most competitive product categories in e-commerce. Our customer has 30 years’ experience in the market; however, they were struggling to build their brand in foreign markets like the UK. We assisted them with their marketing, brand development taking into specifics the requirements of customers and e-commerce systems within the UK market. We also provided product and sales analysis which combined with a strategic marketing strategy was instrumental in their successful launch. The company has reached hundreds pants sales volume per month in a very short time period and is anticipating significant growth in revenue with a monthly turnover exceeding £38K.


How the London Bridge Project Can Help to Deliver Success 

The London Bridge Project (LBP) is a leading sales and management consulting firm that provides both amazon consulting services and amazon sales support for businesses looking to grow exponentially within the biggest marketplace in the world. We offer a complete end-to-end service for Amazon based businesses, which includes providing valuable insights into Amazon sales data and a pipeline of under-explored opportunities within your niche.

If you would like to learn more about how the London Bridge Project can help your online business, make sure to contact a member of our team today to discuss your requirements.