E-commerce Crafting Trends

E-commerce Crafting Trends


The crafting sector has seen a boom over the last few months. Everyone seems to be doing some sort of craft whether it is knitting, macramé, VE Day bunting or face coverings. Britain seems to be taken once again by crafting the likes of which have not been seen since World War II. 


This resurgence has been experienced by all sorts of shops; John Lewis reported an increase in haberdashery sales, The Works experienced a rush for craft items online, Hobbycraft reported a 200% boom in online sales and independent yarn shops, which were struggling before the pandemic, have gone online with innovative ideas knitting clubs happening on Zoom.

According to a survey Commissioned by Crafts Council and partners shows that 10.3 million people in the UK are buying craft online this figure that has more than tripled over the last decade.  Online platforms have fuelled much of this growth with people buying craft supplies online and many more people looking to buy handmade items.

This interest in crafting projects has come from seasoned crafters and beginners alike. The most popular searches have been for sewing machines, fabric and thread all up 155%, 60% and 310% and “projects for beginners” were the most popular blog posts searched. Kits have also proved to be popular with all levels of expertise. The seasoned crafters increased their spend on items on new gadgets. The spend by customers across the board increased during this time. This means that it is possible to sell to a large selection of products to a large group of customers. The services of a UK based market sales company can help understand the market and place the products on the right platforms to target these customers.


Having a creative outlet really helps everyone cope with isolation and uncertain times, it provides an opportunity for you to be in the moment and focused on the activity at hand. There has been an increase in online sales of all materials relating to craft and hobbies. The top 5 are knitting projects, sewing projects, children arts and crafts, cross stich and jigsaws. Knitting is proving to be particularly popular with teenagers and young people; The under 35-year-old craft buying market has grown by 32% since 2006 

Top 5 craft hobbies

1 Knitting projects

2 Sewing projects

3 Kids arts and crafts

4 Cross Stitch

5 Jigsaw

And the British love affair with home crafting shows no sign of abating. There is now a large selection of popular online craft demonstrations and workshops. These activities seem to be part of our new normal. Research from Royal Mail showed that one in five people have been ordering arts and crafts during lockdown with the trend being consistent across all regions of the UK.

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