Etsy 101 - An Overview

Etsy 101: An overview

Etsy is an e-commerce platform which provides a place for people to sell handmade or vintage items and supplies as well unique manufactured products. The focus should be creative and original items that have a separate niche. Although it may not be viewed as one of the big names out there it was ranked as third on seller choice marketplace rating in 2020.  Etsy has over 45.7 million buyers and 2.5 million sellers that are currently active. It generates around $820 million annually. 


It is easy to start selling on Etsy as it does not require any technical knowledge. In order to open a store all that is needed is to complete a registration and a few forms. The fees are also low which makes it an attractive platform for sellers. However, there is a charge for listing each item and every sale you make. 


Etsy has managed to create a supportive community for sellers, which is often attractive for some especially first-time sellers. Queries are often resolved by sellers interacting with each other on the website forum. Members also share important information about businesses with each other which provides vital insights into being successful on the platform. 


The selling point of the platform is that buyers go to Etsy to purchase products that they will not find anywhere else. However, there are some detailed conditions attached to selling on Etsy and to fully understand this the services of a small business sales consultant firm may be helpful. We have given a brief overview of some of these below.

All handmade items must be made or designed by you. If you work with a production partner, you must disclose that production partner in your relevant listings. Each and every person involved in the making of an item in your shop must be described in your About section. Craft supplies are things like tools, ingredients, or materials used to create an item or special occasions. Craft supplies can be handmade, commercial or vintage; there are no restrictions on these, but it can be beneficial to disclose where they are sourced from, whether they are made from organic or recycled material as this is often favoured by the Etsy shopper. Vintage items are those that are at least 20 years old. There is a separate list of specifications if this is the type of product that need to be considered.


Reselling is not allowed in the handmade category on Etsy. Reselling is a process of selling an item as handmade when you were not involved in designing or making that item. This is a mistake that can be very problematic, there are mechanisms in place for customers and other shops to report this type of activity so it is important to make sure that you do not fall into this category – a sales management and business development company can advise on these and other matters.


All photographs or videos should be your own and not used by other sellers on other sites. 


It can be difficult to fully understand what things can and cannot be sold on Etsy as there are many restrictions around selling on the platform. We have listed some of the best sellers that can give you a picture of what sells which could help influence your shop.


1.     Stickers

2.     Notebook & Journal

3.     Candles

4.     Jewellery 

5.     Home Decor

6.     Personalized Items

7.     Digital Designs/ Graphics Designs

8.     Posters

9.     Party Bags

10.  Organic Cosmetics

11.  Customised Airpod Case

This blog has provided a brief overview of Etsy and aims to give some insights into getting started on the platform. Our next blog will look at product selection and strategies for starting and running a successful shop.


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