LBP Success Story: Whiskey Stones

The internet provides a bridge between the customer and businesses no matter where they are based so it is more possible than ever to export your product around the word. The benefits of exporting goods abroad are far reaching, with industry experts claiming it makes for a more competitive, innovative company and increases productivity.  Exporting is a way to kickstart growth and flourish in the marketplace. Businesses that export successfully can expect to increase their revenue and profitability when expanding into new markets.


However, it is not always easy for businesses to break into international markets. There are a number of demands that companies are expected to meet in order to be able to ship products abroad. Expansion can often be complex and time-consuming process. With regards to overseas markets, having in-depth knowledge of the countries’ markets makes all the difference.  


This week’s success story is about creating a product that was not previously branded or exported from Turkey and successfully exporting it to multiple countries.


Success Story: Whiskey Stones


Unprocessed and processed natural stone exports from Turkey have an important place in the market. Previously, there were no branded natural stone products exported anywhere. We have worked with our client to develop natural stone “whiskey stones”.  LBP’s Amazon analysis, listings and sales management of whiskey stones reached a significant volume in just 3 months. Our detailed knowledge of the relevant countries as well as the e-commerce process resulted in the product now being the market leader in Italy and Germany



How the London Bridge Project Can Help to Deliver Success 

The London Bridge Project (LBP) is a leading sales and management consulting firm that provides both amazon consulting services and amazon sales support for businesses looking to grow exponentially within the biggest marketplace in the world. We offer a complete end-to-end service for Amazon based businesses, which includes providing valuable insights into Amazon sales data and a pipeline of under-explored opportunities within your niche.

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