Online Marketplaces in the UK: Choices on the iStreet

Online Marketplaces in the UK: Choices on the iStreet

There are over 100 different online marketplaces available for you to sell your products. This is a staggering number. It is essential that you figure out which marketplace is the best for your brand. Some of the things that you need to figure out include which of the product categories, customers, fees and specific requirements will be the best fit for your products. An online sales management service can assist as they understand the different approaches needed for selling on these marketplaces. The main marketplaces that people use both sellers and buyers include Amazon, eBay, Asos, Etsy and Nott on the high street.


Amazon is the preferred online marketplace for millions of people to make online purchases and is often the first one that comes to mind when you mention online sales. It is the giant of the electronic commerce platforms. If you own an e-commerce business or are looking at entering the e-commerce arena, then Amazon’s marketplace is one you should consider with the help of Amazon sales support in the UK. Amazon can expand your business through its popularity and accessibility to millions of customers and with the help of an online sales management service Amazon can assist in meeting sales goals and expanding sales to other countries.


Another one of the large online marketplaces in the UK is eBay. This online marketplace makes a wide variety of products available to customers; the range of products includes household appliances, apparel and children’s toys. eBay also has some excellent tools for sellers, with the help of sales enablement companies your presence on this marketplace can help you understand the dynamics of your business through the ability to easily  analyse your sales, track your sold products and develop your own brand.


In the UK Asos is a leading online marketplace which started in 2010 with a handful of sellers but now has more than 800 shops in its portfolio. The unique aspect of Asos is that sellers are not just based in the UK but come from around the world. The customers therefore know that there will be unusual and sometimes difficult to find fashion, clothing, footwear and jewelry for sale. So, if you have something that is unique this might be the right platform for your products. However, Asos monitors the products closely to ensure that there is uniformity of the marketplace; it might be worth seeking the assistance of a sales and management consultancy firm to make sure your product is the right one for this platform.

For those who are looking to buy or sell handcrafted and vintage products in the UK then Etsy is the online marketplace to use. It is the largest online marketplace in Europe for these items. This platform has a lot of helpful tools for artisans looking to sell their products that have a personal touch, for example, the ability to let customers know when an item is back in stock.

Not on the high street is a popular alternative online marketplace specific to the UK specialising in original articles and sells creative items from hair accessories to handmade delicacies, over 5000 sellers use this platform in the UK. All sellers are handpicked before they go in this marketplace, therefore, this is a platform for a very particular seller.

So, if you know that the UK is the market for selling your products you have a wide variety of online marketplaces to choose from and making this decision is a very time consuming and critical step in that process. The following is a brief overview of what you need to think about when bring a product to the UK istreet.

ü  What kind of product do you have to sell?

ü  Who do your want to sell to  - who is your customer?

ü  What budget do you have for sales?

ü  What tools do you need to make the sales?

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