Say Yes to the Online Dress

Say Yes to the Online Dress

Covid-19 has impacted every aspect of life, even love is taking on a new meaning, with lower spends on weddings disrupting the entire industry. The market will probably bounce back once restrictions are relaxed and economic activity increases but one thing that will remain is the allure of buying wedding apparel online. Some of the reasons for this include; the coming of marriage age of millennials, the rise of social media and the popularity of e-commerce as a preferred purchasing avenue, the search for original designs, sizes and innovations not available in your local wedding dress design shop. 


Although the growth in the market has been affected with a revised growth is USD79.7 billion by 2027 (from a base of USD58.4 billion in 2018) it is still a sizeable market. The traditional wedding market has been struggling for the past few years with fewer people getting married, the trend for a more casual wedding experience and couples hesitating on spending a lot of money on a dress that will only be worn once. The industry was experiencing a shakeup prior to the impact of Covid-19. The brick and mortar shops have not had the same success as in the past with many shops closing. The millennial generation which are now of marrying age do not shop the same way that their parents do which means that going online for purchasing wedding dresses and apparel is becoming more and more popular. 


Increased thinking around issues of sustainability has also impacted on the wedding market and is a driving force behind online sales. Searches for “Pre-owned”, “Vintage” and “second hand” wedding dresses have all increased significantly (around 42%) over the last few years. There is a much larger selection of these items online than in conventional shops, it is also easier and more convenient to access with deliveries right to your door. 


Going online to purchase wedding apparel has also never been more attractive. Online shops are making use of marketing strategies, videos, photography and website tools which enhance the shopping experience and gives the online world a more personal feel and allows potential customers to visualise themselves in the items – this is especially important for the sale of wedding dress. 


Many people now plan their weddings online so buying the dress becomes the next logical step in going digital. In general, shoppers have become more comfortable purchasing items online – there is improved security, better delivery and easy returns services.


There is also a greater selection of dresses available online, the shopping experience online is global, so choices now reach far beyond the few shops within a special geographical location.  This means that there are more styles, colours and options most of the time at a lower cost than the conventional wedding boutiques. It is impossible for a store to have a style and designer for every bride but going online means that it is all only a click away. It is much easier to sit back and relax and compare dresses and cost from the comfort of your coach than going in store, therefore, going online means that the buyer is almost guarantees a better deal.


Many of the conventional high-street shops such as Asos and H&M are providing party and wedding dresses as part of their online offering; targeting those that choose to buy an off the rack dress that is easier on the pocket and often more suited to the more casual trending weddings. Indie brands are also going online making use of innovations to give brides an experience when shopping such as virtual consultations, shipped boxes and complete customisation. International and Indie brands are not available around every corner so sometimes online is the only way to access these dresses. Amazon also has a wedding page which focuses on curating goods sold there but unusually for the online platform it is not directly competing in this market. 


The increase in demand for online dresses and wedding apparel means that if you are in this industry it could be the right time to move your business online. More and more millennials and others are looking to say “yes to the dress online” and although there are online shops there is definitely scope for an increase in dresses and apparel being offered, especially with Amazon creating a platform but not directly entering the fray (for now). So, if you are looking to adapt your business or enter the wedding dress market a company that provides Amazon sales support and online sales management services could be the ticket (invite) you have been looking for.

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