The Fashion of Online Clothing Shopping in the UK

The purchasing of clothes, shoes and accessories in the UK is proving to be more and more popular; over the last 10 years there has been a 10,2% growth. The latest data shows that in December 2019 18.5% of all sales for apparel were made online. In real terms the Online Clothes Market Dossier forecasts fashion e-commerce revenue in the UK to reach $25.2billion in 2020, $27billion in 2021 and slightly over $30billion in 2024.  


So, who is driving this significant e-commerce sector? Women are slightly more inclined to make these types of purchases online but then they are probably more likely to make more purchases of clothes, shoes and accessories in general.  People between 16 and 34 years old are also more likely to purchase clothes from e-commerce channel.

There is a wide array of platforms that are used for purchasing apparel. Amazon is the most popular with a significantly higher proportion of buyers preferring to buy from it (36%). Which means that there is a ready market for those who want to use this platform in the UK and with the help of Amazon sales support in the UK it would be a logical entry point for those wanting to sell fashion items to customers. Marks & Spencer online is the next most popular platform with buyers (9%) followed by Asos (8%). In the clothing component of apparel shopping is the most popular online store in the UK, followed by and


With the trend for buying apparel online on the increase and the act itself becoming more fashionable there are still occasions where people change their minds and abandon their clothes, shoes or accessory purchases.




The most common reason for people deciding not to follow through with their purchase is the delivery charge. Another fairly common reason is one that is quite natural when it comes to the internet where people are not looking to actually buy but just browsing, which is really just online window shopping. But this is not necessarily a bad thing, as with window shopping in the offline world sometimes after doing enough looking you go back to buy. In order to convert that apparel window browser into a shopper you need to consult sales enablement companies. The realisation that the item that they want to buy is actually out of stock is the case with nearly a third of customers, this can be a real disappointment that customers remember; online sales management services can advise the best ways to avoid such a situation,  a local sales consultant in the UK can also assist with stock management and understanding the dynamics of delivery charges in different contexts.


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