Using Amazon Seller Support: A Checklist for Sellers

Using Amazon Seller Support: A Checklist for Sellers

As already mentioned in our previous articles, Amazon has very strict guidelines and rules for sellers as well as high level of standards to be met in order to create a profitable business. This has led to establishment of consultancy firms offering Amazon sales support in the UK. Such firms create value for Amazon sellers with their experience and expertise in Amazon requirements, guidelines and search algorithm. 

Main goal of getting Amazon seller support service from consultancy firms is of course to increase conversion rates and sales, in other words, receiving a significant return from investing in sales support.

There are countless businesses in the world claiming to offer the best seller support in the market. It shouldn’t surprise you to encounter numerous different firms among google search results, since this service meet an important need of current and prospective Amazon sellers. So, how can you make the right choice among all these alternatives? Below you will find some recommendation that you can use in picking the right Amazon sales support in the UK.

Amazon Seller Account Review 

It is important to review customer’s Amazon seller account as an initial step of sales support. This enables the consultants to familiarise with customer’s products and nature of your business, to see the current status of their selling activities, and to determine the weaknesses as well as mistakes, which need to be corrected and improved. This also enables them to create a tailor-made service to the customer instead of a one-for-all type of seller support.

Businesses offering Amazon sales support in the UK usually provide free seller account review for their prospective customers. We recommend you to make your decision based on the results of this review. How comprehensive is the review and have they correctly pin pointed the aspects, in which improvement is necessary? These are the questions you need to be asking yourself in choosing the Amazon consultant to work with.

Amazon SEO

Amazon sales support should definitely include Amazon SEO. Main reason of this is the fact that Amazon is the largest product search engine in the world. Although it is common that buyers search for products in Google and other alternative search engines, it is also highly common that they search for the product they want directly on Amazon. As a result, Amazon SEO is at least as important as Google SEO for Amazon sellers and it is definitely a game changer in the Amazon market.

Amazon SEO consists of applying the right keyword strategy for your products, which would provide the highest keyword indexing on Amazon and the highest ranking in organic search results. If your product is not listed in the first two pages of Amazon search results for your targeted keywords, there is something wrong with your keyword strategy. In such cases, receiving Amazon sales support in the UK would help you significantly in winning buyers and increasing sales. Keyword research, finding longtail keywords, for which there is less competition, and product keyword recommendations are key parts of such consultancy services. Thus, these are the crucial points that you need to focus on while choosing the right seller support service provider.

Listing Optimisation

Optimising product listing is one of the most important services that you could receive within the scope of Amazon sales support. It is also associated with Amazon SEO, since the keywords determined through SEO are used in creating product listing. This plays an important role in increasing the ranking of your products in Amazon search results.

Targeted keywords, title of the product, bullet points and product description collectively matter in successful listing optimisation and contributes to creating product listings that increase sales. Therefore, it is important that you also receive support for listing optimisation within the scope of the services offered by the business you choose for Amazon sales support in the UK.

Product photography can also be seen as an integral part of listing optimisation. Since buyers don’t have the chance to touch and feel the product that they wish to buy, photos of the product play a key role in satisfying this need. At first, product photos have to be in compliance with Amazon directives. Secondly, you need to convince buyers that this is the product that will meet all their expectations. To do so, you need to provide crucial information and visuals in your product photos without violating Amazon standards. It is also important to present daily use of your product by benefiting from correctly chosen lifestyle photos, as well as infographics. Thus, the Amazon consultancy firm you choose should also have such kind of service at hand.

Amazon PPC Management

Given that acting according to SEO rules is crucial in winning buyers, it is also necessary to utilise advertisement. Amazon ads (Amazon PPC) looks easy on the one hand, but it is highly difficult to utilise it in a way that makes you increase your profits instead of losing your income to high advertisement costs. Creating a well planned budget and finding profitable keywords are key aspects of a correct PPC strategy. Since there is a risk of losing all your income due to lack of continous monitoring and an incorrectly structured advertising strategy, you could also think about getting support from Amazon consultants in Amazon PPC management.

Those listed above are the main components of a comprehensive Amazon sales support. We highly recommend you to always keep these in mind while choosing the right Amazon sales support in the UK.

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