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What is Amazon Seller Support?

Amazon is one of the leading e-retailers in the world with around 232 billion U.S. dollars worth net sales in 2018. For the quarter ending in September 30, 2019 Amazon’s revenues reached $69.981B, which means a 23.69% increase year-over-year. Amazon’s revenue for the twelve months ending September 30, 2019 was $265.468B, meaning a 20.14% increase year-over-year. Amazon is the dominant actor in the UK e-commerce market. 86% of UK online shoppers use Amazon. According to the estimations of Euromonitor International, Amazon captured a 31% share of UK online retail sales in 2018.

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Digital Transformation Within the Scope of E-commerce

The UK has been the leading country in European e-commerce market for many years. Although this creates great opportunities for e-commerce companies, it also results in a fierce competition in the UK e-commerce market. Adding the constantly evolving customer expectations and quality of e-commerce services to those, players in this market are forced to keep up with these changes and need to invest to get ahead of their competitors. Utilising technology is crucial in being successful in e-commerce. But solely employing digital technology is not enough. Correctly integrating digital technology into your business, in other words, digital transformation is necessary.

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Growth Projections for the UK and Possible Sectors for Export Diversification