Key Components of a Successful Amazon Marketing Strategy

Key Components of a Successful Amazon Marketing Strategy

Amazon has consistently grown over time and become a dominant actor in today’s e-commerce universe. The 2019 Amazon Consumer Behaviour Report by Feedvisor has demonstrated that Amazon plays an important role in influencing consumers purchase decisions. According to this report, two-thirds of consumers (66 percent) start searching for new products initially on Amazon, and almost all (95 percent) are satisfied with the search results provided by Amazon. Also close to three-fourths (74 percent) of consumers visit Amazon when they have in mind a specific product to buy.

Having underlined the common use of Amazon in product searches, it is also important to note that consumers usually check the first two pages of search results, and frequently buy the products listed in the first page. 

In order to earn a place among the sellers chosen by consumers, a well structured marketing strategy is a must. In this article, we will share some key components of such a successful strategy.

Optimising Product Listings

Optimising product listings on your Amazon storefront lies at the core of a successful marketing strategy. Researching relevant keywords is crucial in listing optimisation. Before creating your listing, you need to pinpoint commonly searched keywords for your/your competitors’ product. There are bunch of useful tools for keyword search and they mostly come up with relevant keywords. But we recommend you to double check the keywords you receive from such tools. Also keep in mind that you have to find not only the most relevant keywords but also the most competitive ones.

Once you decide for the keywords to use, you need to create informative and attractive titles, product descriptions and bullet points, which include these keywords and also comply with Amazon guidelines. You need to pay attention in providing all necessary information that would affect customers’ decision to buy. In addition, using call to action/purchase phrases in your bullet points would be beneficial in winning potential customers.

Another crucial component of listing optimisation is high-quality photos that perfectly illustrate your product from all aspects in your potential customers’ mind.

Amazon SEO:

Feedvisor’s report once again underlined the fact that Amazon is not only an e-commerce platform but also a search engine. Thus, in order to earn place in the first or second page of search results, you definitely need to pay attention to Amazon’s search algorithm, which is called A9. Getting professional help in Amazon SEO would be worth its cost and would help you build huge profits.

Amazon Advertising (PPC)

2019 Amazon Consumer Behaviour Report shows that 73 percent of daily (or almost daily) online shoppers have clicked on an Amazon product ad while browsing the web, and 83 percent ultimately purchased the product. Also more than three-fourths (76 percent) of daily Amazon shoppers have clicked on a product ad while browsing on Amazon. These findings give a clue on how affective Amazon ads are on potential customers.

There are several advertising possibilities on Amazon, among which you could freely chose and apply. But it is important not to forget that advertising on Amazon without a to-the-point and well constructed advertising strategy could cost you huge amounts of money, which you could earn back in months. Thus, before starting PPC campaigns, make sure that you have a solid advertising strategy and a well calculated budget.

Gathering Positive Reviews:

Findings also show that 82% use Amazon to check reviews before buying a product. Positive reviews are also believed to positively affect your product’s ranking in search results. So, receiving positive feedbacks/reviews is also important for the success of your Amazon business.

One controversial point in this respect is Amazon’s strict rules. You need to make sure that you are asking for feedback in a way that doesn’t violate any rules. Amazon guidelines allow sellers to send follow-up emails to their customers as long as they are related to the order. Sellers are then not allowed to offer discounts or other benefits in exchange for positive reviews. But you are free to politely ask customers to review your products. Also don’t forget that customer satisfaction and product quality are the core elements for receiving positive feedbacks. 

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