Online Sales Management Services

You can benefit from our e-commerce management service to e-export to the UK and to introduce your products to the world through one of the biggest and most competitive e-commerce markets in the world!

Free Preliminary Analysis

The UK e-commerce market is a challenging market where the competition is intense. In order to be successful in this market, you need to know your competitors and what obstacles you will encounter before you start. Instead of losing time and money with trial and error methods, you must plan your strategies right at the very beginning of the whole process.

As London Bridge Project, we offer to share our insights of the UK e-commerce market with our free preliminary analysis service. As a result, you will be able to discover the eligibility of your products for the UK market and what you should expect along the way.

Within the scope of the free preliminary analysis, we not only provide you with information about the current situation but the ideal situation, too. We restructure the strategies to make your products sell successfully in the UK market.

Detailed Analysis and Planning of the Sales Cycle

We investigate the compliance of your products with the UK market and standards and we determine the market sales price ranges. We then identify the appropriate customer segment, conduct a competitor analysis and determine your strategy on how to get ahead of the competition. By taking into account the risks and by creating a detailed cost analysis, we manage all the necessary processes for you to enter the market with solid steps.

With the completion of the detailed analysis, we present a road map to our customers. The sales process is planned, cost tables are prepared and the sales process is formulated according to the detailed analysis. By this point, our clients can foresee what they should do to sell their products in the UK and what processes await them.

Outputs of the detailed analysis are as follows;

  • Market Analysis
  • Product Analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Cost analysis
  • Risk analysis
  • Incentive Analysis
  • Sales Process Plan

Installation of Infrastructure and Initiation of the Sales Process

The creation of e-commerce infrastructures can be time-consuming. You may need to work long hours and invest a lot of money if you don't know the market dynamics and the local sales culture. With London Bridge Project, you will get a head start for your project.

Starting with the detailed analysis, we manage the whole sales cycle with the local market dynamics. Visual processing of the target markets, production of the necessary visual shots, processing of the texts, creating e-commerce accounts and preparing them for sales are amongst the activities we complete for our customers.

Prior to product sales we complete risk plans which are usually overlooked but are in fact essential. We then optimize your infrastructure and operations against the risks you may face.

The outputs of the infrastructure installation process are as follows;

  • Creation of Amazon, Ebay, Shopify accounts
  • Preparation of Product Catalogues
  • Photo shoot and Processing of Photos
  • Preparing Texts for Local Sales Culture
  • Preparing listings
  • Planning feedback processes
  • Creating Customer Management Process
  • Preparation of Financial and Legal Integrations
  • Creating Risk Plans

Online Sales Operation Management and Optimization

To know the way and to walk the way are different from each other. We support our customers throughout the whole process after all online UK sales operations have been completed.

Upon request, we manage the end-to-end sales operations for our customers. Our dedicated account managers ensure that all steps from procurement of stock to customer delivery are carried out correctly.

While your products’ procurement, shipment, supply and dispatching processes are dealt with, we also work on sales/marketing and customer relationship management. We manage complaints and performances to ensure that your accounts are well-managed and making a steady growth. We prevent market and customer losses with our continuous controlling against product counterfeiting.

We aim to ensure that our customers' products come to the forefront and can be sold with higher profits through continuous optimization.

The outputs of the sales operation management process are as follows;

  • Account and Purchase Order Management
  • FBA and Inter-Stock/Inventory Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Marketing, Advertising and Promotion Management
  • SEO Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Fraud Management
  • Sales and Account Optimizations

Offline (Field) Sales Management Services