16 Feb

Trend Alert: Tableware

Unpacking a Trend: Tableware Sales As we spend more time at home and indeed more time in the kitchen there has been a trend for us to buy more homeware and kitchenware items. There has been a surge in social media posts of cooking and baking at home - the new normal of our posts that would have been of the food we are eating out. In part this can account for the increase in tableware sales - it seems that we want whatever we are making at home to be shown off (especially those attempts at banana bread). Given the global growth in kitchenware and the associated tableware we thought it would be a good idea to unpack the trend in a little bit more detail.

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08 Feb

Improving the Post-Purchase Experience

5 Ways to Improve the Post-Purchase Experience The journey of selling does not end once the buyer has bought your product. Customers spend a significant period of time in the post-purchase phase and as such it is one of the most important phases of the buyer’s journey. It is really a step that e-commerce businesses cannot afford to ignore.

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01 Feb

Love is in the Air - Valentine's Day

6 Valentine’s Day Marketing Strategies Valentine’s Day makes February a month for e-commerce businesses to love; any holiday associated with giving a gift provides a great opportunity for all sellers to take advantage of an increase in buying and spending. Valentine’s Day is also no longer the niche opportunity that it was in the past, people are not just looking for the typical chocolates and flowers to mark the occasion so with the right strategies nearly all businesses can take advantage of this selling opportunity. We provide 6 strategies that will help you tap into the increase in spending this month.

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28 Jan

Sustainable Packaging in E-commerce

Understanding the Trend for Sustainable Packaging in E-commerce Eco-friendly packaging solutions is one of the biggest global trends; more and more consumers are aware of problematic plastics, climate change and other eco threats which are consciously changing the way in which they buy products.

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21 Jan

5 Tips for Dealing with Post Holiday Returns

The Best Way for Handling the Return of Goods The return of goods purchased during the holiday season has begun, whether it is because of order error, late delivery or buyers remorse it may be too early to consider your holiday season sales banked and secure. However, with our top tips some of the stress associated with returns can be reduced.

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13 Jan

UK, Turkey post-Brexit Free Trade Agreement

The Impact on Trade Between Turkey and the UK The UK and Turkey have entered into a post-Brexit free trade agreement at the beginning of this year. In general the agreement ensures continuity across trade but there is a significant change in proving the origin of the goods which may have an impact on e-commerce businesses.

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11 Jan

Delivery Expectations: How fast is fast enough?

5 Steps to help meet customers delivery expectations In the age of instant gratification customers are expecting faster and faster delivery times; at first two day delivery was the gold standard, now it is next day delivery with same day delivery becoming more frequent. We discuss delivery in detail and provide 5 steps on how to meet customer delivery expectations.

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06 Jan

E-commerce 2020: An Overview of the Year

Key e-commerce figures for 2020 It is always interesting and useful to look back over the year, and arguably even more so for 2020. We look at some key e-commerce figures to provide a picture of the year that has just passed.

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04 Jan

How to Make Money with E-commerce