Delivery Expectations: How fast is fast enough?

Increasing Demand for Next Day Delivery

When online shopping first became popular it was the norm to wait 7 to 10 working days for the items to be delivered. However, as competition increased and faster more efficient delivery options became available customers expected more delivery options with quicker delivery times. Customer delivery expectations have continued to increase and if you want to see your business grow then it is essential that you meet and at times exceed expectations. 

Next day delivery is expected by 43% of online shoppers and if customers have to wait a long time for the item to be delivered they will abandon the brand or stop shopping. Therefore, delivery expectations can have a significant impact on the success of a business. But speed is not the only expectations associated with delivery - you also need to consider tracking, cost and convenience.  

It is always important to try and meet and indeed exceed customer expectations in business and we can give you 5 steps to work towards meeting customer delivery expectations.


5 Steps for Meeting Customers Delivery Expectations

Step 1: The first step is to listen to what your customers expect in relation to delivery. Some customers may prefer free 3-5 day delivery over an additional cost for next day delivery. By understanding customer expectations you will have a better idea of whether you are providing the level of service that meets the demand and if there are any areas of customer frustration identified  it will allow you to improve your service. 

Step 2: Work on ways to become more efficient. If you are relying on in-house drivers to deliver your items outsourcing to a reliable and affordable courier company could significantly raise your delivery game; they are better at handling large volumes and using a professional will mean that your sold products will arrive quickly using the most up to date technology.  Customers expect to have the ability to track their parcels. A company that provides online sales management services can identify which provider will be best for your business. Using a professional company  also takes some of the pressure off you as the seller for answering a never ending string of messages from customers about when will the item be delivered, as they can track their own parcels. 

Step 3: Do not offer too many options as this can cause a delay at checkout; the checkout process should be as quick and smooth as possible. The different delivery options provided should be simple and cover all the delivery bases without being overwhelming. Generally, customers expect speed from delivery but there is such a thing as too fast; same-day delivery, Same-day delivery is not really viable for most online sellers. It is an attractive idea for customers, especially during these times when sometimes the delivery of the things we buy online can be the highlight of our time at home. However, there are many practical problems to overcome for the sellers, therefore, delivery may be overpromised and items not delivered as expected which leads to disappointed customers.

Step 4: Be aware of the type of packaging that you are using. Customers are becoming more and more aware of the environmental impact of the products that they are purchasing including the sustainability of the delivery of those products. As customers become more green in their demands in the future they will look at environmental credentials to make their decisions between competitors so it is a good idea to start looking at the sustainability of your delivery practices.

Step 5: Offer free delivery as one of your streamlined delivery options. Free delivery is one of the top considerations for purchasing. Some will prefer free  3-5 day delivery over a charge for quicker delivery. If the actual delivery cost can be incorporated into the expense of running the business then you can often provide that crucial element of customer satisfaction. 

These steps are just a few ways in which you can meet customers delivery expectations. The delivery of parcels is an important part of being an online retailer so try to minimise delivery problems and meet customer expectations.


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