Improving the Post-Purchase Experience

What is the Post-Purchase Experience

The most basic definition of the post-purchase experience is that it is about how you treat a customer after they have purchased a product. After a sale the work of an e-commerce company is not finished even though the customer has been converted into a sale. Existing customers are important for any business and should not be ignored at the expense or trying to get new customers. 

Why is Post-Purchasing Important?

E-commerce is a very competitive field where customers have so many options available to them so it is important to differentiate yourself from competitors, however, this can be quite challenging. By ensuring that there is a great post-purchase experience you can make your business stand out from among the different options.

A great post-purchase experience provides a loyalty loop; a situation which means that your existing customers keep returning to your brand over and over again, therefore, increasing repeat business. Associated with this benefit is also the fact that holding onto existing customers is more cost effective than only trying to woo new ones. It has been shown that retention is 5x cheaper than acquisition.

The post-purchase experience can also be a way for the business to improve customer reviews as well as increase the amount of reviews; online reviews are extremely important when customers are making up their minds to make a purchase. A good review can make the difference in securing a sale so improving and increasing customer reviews is critically important. Improving the experience of the customer at the post-purchase stage is actually a relatively easy way to make sure this happens. It also gives the seller important feedback from customers which can be used to continue to improve the customers experience. By continuing to engage with customers after they have made their purchase it can provide insight into any problems that may need to be addressed.

The post-purchase experience can be the platform to create lifelong customers so it is important to ensure that they are happy even after they spend their money. So we have provided  5 ways that you can improve your post-purchase experience.

1. Make Feedback Requests Personal

When sending out feedback requests ensure that they have been personalised. It is essential for the growth of your business to find out what your customers really think of your products. Online customers are very likely to respond to personalised emails requesting feedback but make sure that before you request a review the customer is actually happy with their purchase. 

2. Provide Additional Product Information

Additional product information such as product care and a how to guide  can ensure that customers are able to use their products and are happy with them - it avoids any confusion with how to use products or look after them that can result in a negative view of the product. This communication can be included with the purchase or sent as a follow up email.

3. Make the Returns Process as Easy as Possible

There will always be products that will be returned for some or other reason; no matter how wonderful your products are. It is important that you do not take it personally but ensure that this process is as smooth as possible as it can be an opportunity to retain a customer who is already familiar with your brand.

4. Cross-sell Appropriately

The post-purchase phase is the perfect opportunity to cross-sell. Provide the customer with information about your other products. If this is done correctly it is an opportunity to make the customer feel part of your brand and will bring them back to your online shop. It is important that the recommendations are not just for your most popular items but for the ones that are most relevant for the customer.

5. Be Available to Help

If the customer has any questions or queries be available to reply to these promptly and politely even if these are negative. Provide your contact information and have a clear FAQ section. Being available and engaged goes a long way to making the customer feel valued.

Remember that the buyer’s journey does not finish when they checkout. The post-purchase experience is critical for the success of your e-commerce business. It is an opportunity to encourage the retention of customers, ensure positive reviews and way for you to stand out from your competitors.

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