Love is in the Air - Valentine's Day

Spending and Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day spending is love-themed and is generally targeted around couples who purchase chocolates/sweets, jewellery and cards (and in previous years evenings out) but this is not the extent to the spending that will take place. Singles also buy themselves something special, pet owners indulge their pets and children buy sweets and cards for friends. There is really a bigger market than first meets the eye. So even if your e-commerce business is not selling sweets or jewellery there is a good chance that you will have an increase in sales.

The data shows that the most popular types of products purchased generally are;


*An evening out,




*Gift and Greeting cards

Valentine’s Day Marketing Strategies

1. Have a Strategy

As we have already mentioned even if you do not sell the typical Valentine’s Day products it does not mean that you cannot also sell on this holiday. So it is important to have a strategy to capitalise on the potential sales. 

2. Send out Valentine’s Day Communication.

It is a good idea to start sending out messages to your subscribers regarding the upcoming holiday. The best time to start sending out things like emails is about two weeks before the day so that your product is the one that customers remember.  

3. Use Social Media

Valentine’s Day provides an opportunity to really get creative with social media campaigns and allows you to really connect with your customers. Share anything special that your shop will be doing or selling for the day. You can use both Valentine’s Day hashtags, or use a unique campaign hashtag so that your customers will share stories or photographs.

4. Gift wrapping

Provide a free gift wrapping service, this is great for any holidays and it can make the difference in attracting customers especially for Valentine’s Day - be sure to make it love themed.

5. Create time-sensitive offers.  

The creation of daily deals or time-sensitive specials creates an atmosphere of urgency which can entice some shoppers to make a quick purchase. A special giveaway can also keep customers interested in your products and increase traffic to your shop. 

6. Keep your promotions going until the last minute.

There are always last minute shoppers and this is especially common on Valentine’s Day whether it is the shrewd shopper or those that have left it to the last minute.  So it is important to keep up your strategies right up until the end of the holiday.

If all goes well and you are able to implement some of these strategies then you should be ready to handle a lot of e-commerce traffic and see good conversion rates. 

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