The Key to Unlocking Sales: Choosing the Right Keywords


The words you choose to explain the product you are selling are key to unlocking the sales potential of your business. Keywords are an essential marketing tool; they are a discreet marketing e-commerce element. A way to directly get to your customer without a big advertising campaign. And they are things that everyone is familiar with; when we type a search query into a search engine such as Google and Bing the system is using our words to match keywords in order to give us an answer. Keywords are a language that each person, seller or customer are actually very familiar with although we are not necessarily fluent in the language so sometimes, we end up with results that we did not indeed to see!


So, the trick with this is to use someone who can help translate the correct language, the language of the particular customer that you are trying to target as a seller. A sales marketing consultant agency can assist with this, which is necessary especially when you consider that different platforms have different types of customers using a slightly different e-commerce dialect in their searches.


The correct search terms allows the seller to not only speak the customers language but also connects the right customer to the actual products that they are looking for which results in profits. The basic idea is that the keywords paint the picture of what the product looks like


Amazon Example:




Good Search Terms

cutting chopping board butcher block bamboo wood wooden large hybrid polypropylene food grade plastic non slip kitchen dual sided surface anti microbial natural bpa free stain scar resistant eco friendly drip groove


An online sales management service will be able to assist you in really fine tuning the terms you need to use for the different platforms but there are some basics that you can use to get off to a great start.


Step 1: Identify what is the shops main purpose, what are some of the words that describe the e-commerce business. These keywords are a starting point of a list that can be used for the right search terms for the product.


Step 2: Look at the sites where you are listing the products and see what words are used in the product categories. Product categories include categories and subcategories which will provide more words to add to the potential list.




Step 3: Now that you have an extensive list of possible keywords it is time to refine the list. One way to do this is to do a search to see how a search engine reacts to the words you have selected, for example are the terms ambiguous do you get other products in the search results that are not related to your shops items. This will help either add or subtract terms from the list.


After this basic process there will be a substantial list of words and phrases that can be used by for searching effectively listing on e-commerce platforms. Although all of this seems straightforward sometimes as a seller you are too close to your product and you might only see your product in one way, but your customer might be looking for something else that your product could also be. For example, one of our products is a set of 6 ceramic bowls; some customers use this for tapas, mezzes and nuts whilst others use it for display or for storing jewellery. It is important to not to exclude customers whilst at the same time ensuring that your keywords are appropriate and attractive.


Remember that there are also platform specific requirements. For example, Amazon has very specific requirements for search terms and assists by suggesting terms that are not useful as keywords or are unnecessary. These are listed below but in order to tap into the power of the right keywords a company that provides Amazon sales support can be consulted.


Words to avoid

Stop Words:

a, also, an, and, any, are, as, at, be, because, been, but, by, for, from, in, into, is, of, on, or, so, some, such, the, was, were, with

Temporary Words:

available now, brand new, current, discounted, just launched, last chance, last minute, latest, limited time, new, on sale, this week (month, year etc.), today

Subjective Words:

amazing, best, cheap, cheapest, effective, fastest, good deal, least, most, popular, trending



Having the right keywords brings your business one step closer to unlocking its success


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