Amazon Seller Account Management by London Bridge Project: Your one-stop-shop for Amazon sales

Our diversified team make sure that you get the desired results from Amazon sales. Selling through Amazon requires attention to detail, expertise, dedication and continual optimisation due to fast-paced trend changes. We offer a comprehensive Management from Product Market Research to After Sales Management.

Once you entrust us we will prepare your product for sale on Amazon, we will manage all supporting aspects of listing such as photography, graphic design, keyword search, copywriting and customer surveys, once your product is listed then we will work to increase the sales gradually towards the target with PPC management, continual optimisation, benchmarking and seasonal campaigns.


Turn your business into a global profit maker with London Bridge Project.

A-Z Project Management

We project manage your business functions and all processes to achieve your targets.

Our aim is to give you the opportunity to have real time access to your products’ current position in the market.

Every step will be recorded from your first approach to after sales management reports.

It is the only way to have the chance to apply continual improvement.

Amazon Seller Account Management

Amazon Seller Account Management is not as easy as it sounds. It requires experience, up to date knowledge and constant control.

Dynamics, regulations, customer behaviour and competition responses change rapidly, and you need to be prepared to respond instantly. This is when our management adds real value to your business.

We keep our staff’s knowledge up to date, meaning that we always use the latest tools, functions and work within the current requirements to make sure that your account is 100% compliant.

Listing products on e-commerce channels

Listing means to place the product on a virtual shelve.

For the right listing you need all the feasibility, catalogue preparation, marketing materials design, copywriting and pricing to be perfect.

This is only possible with professional account and product management.

Every e-commerce channel has its own audiences and language and it is important to manage every account and every product individually on each channel.

Continuous Optimisation and Promotion

To be able to sell one product constantly and for your sales to be predictable, we will monitor the market on a daily basis, we will monitor trends, consumer responses competitor approaches, seasonal requirements, demands, financial situation and then we will optimise and implement promotions to stay ahead of the competition and keep the sales up to our expectations and targets

Price plays vital role in this optimisation, so being agile and responsive will increase the chance of the sales of your product.

Our professional team will be optimising and will create promotions and selling sponsored items to increase the sales.

Review and Aftersales Management

We believe how you manage your after-sales is as crucial as the sales itself.

Most important thing is to achieve 100% Customer Satisfaction and only way to do that is to listen to your customers and analyse their comments scientifically.

We will manage the reviews and seller feedback and make sure that you receive the right message.

We will analyse the data and will use it to have continuous improvement till we achieve 100% Customer Satisfaction.

Logistics, Customs, Warehouse and Fulfilment

Unlike many of our competitors, we have our own warehouse facilities.

Our customs and duty experts will ensure that all your products clear customs in time so that you never risk running out of stock. We will also track real-time and coordinate all movements to guarantee your products arrive on time to the necessary e-commerce fulfilment centres.

Given that many clients already use Amazon’s FBA, it remains very important to successfully manage the necessary packaging of products according to Amazon standards, as well as short- and long-term storage and shipment of products to Amazon fulfilment centres.

As we already have Amazon SFP agreements, we can take care of all your shipments - dispatched directly from our warehouse to the customers by RoyalMail and we will notify you simultaneously.

Our fulfilment knowledge and methodology will play an invaluable role in helping you receive positive product reviews.

LBP bridges your Cross-Border E-Commerce Operations

Our proven method will increase your e-commerce income.

We will manage your complete e-commerce business process.

We study your products carefully and analyse the potential of multiple online marketplaces.

According to the indicators, analysis reports and our mutual agreement we will create seller accounts on relevant marketplaces.

We will continually monitor for trends and consider the new dynamics in the market and activate accounts on new platforms when necessary.

The product catalogue is as important as the product itself.

Do not forget that the consumer will see the catalogue but not the product.

We ensure that the catalogue is 100% accurate and also very professional looking.

We will benchmark, create multiple alternatives and make sure you are fully satisfied.

The product catalogue is the combination of multiple disciplines including visual design, copywriting, market research to name a few. One thing you do not want is to spend a very long time to create a catalogue to a perfection and lose the opportunity that is out there.

Our comprehensive Project Management will play a major role here to work with many service suppliers simultaneously in a timely manner.

It is vital not to forget that consumers make the buying decisions and they are the ones who search for the products they are looking for.

Keyword Research is basically the replacement for ‘location, location, location’ !

If consumers cannot find you or your products, then you have no chance to sell to them.

Our experts will research the right keywords and will include these in the product information and copywriters will create the product descriptions according to the research results and requirements.

We will tell the product’s story in the simplest but most effective way.

Once we are confident about the product then we research the competitors’ approach, consumer habits and requirements in terms of visual marketing material.

Our professional designers will review all the photographs, keywords and bullet points of the product and propose alternative designs for your approval.

We make sure that all designs are approved by you before publishing and revisions will be also approved when needed.

To explain the product to the right audience efficiently, your marketing material needs to be clear, unique, personalised, warm and most importantly very honest.

We never leave our business to chance. Our product research team provides in-depth investigations to make sure that there is a profitable market for your product. We also check whether your current branding and messaging will work well in other languages and cultures and make recommendations accordingly. We investigate to find out how saturated the market is with similar products and identify possible competitors. We provide continual market updates and analyses while making suggestions for product marketing and advertising improvements.

We never rely on assumptions or other peoples’ experiences.

Our product research experts provide in-depth research ensuring there is a market for your product, or your product is right for the market. We check if your current branding and messaging will work well in other cultures and make alterations accordingly.

We study the market to identify how saturated it is with similar products and benchmark with competitors.

We will update the market situation and target the right audience by adapting to new trends and chose the right advertising approach and methodologies.

Why Amazon?

Amazon is a phenomenon of 21st century retailing. You reach millions of consumers with one click!

of the entire e-commerce in the UK is through Amazon
of Brits shop on Amazon
of Amazon shoppers shop with Amazon at least once a month
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