Welcome to the most competitive and saturated market in the world! United Kingdom is one of the most competitive and most challenging markets in the world but at the same time has one of the largest economies in the world.

The two most important criteria for successful sales in the UK can be summarized as having the right product and the right preparation as well as working with experienced sales managers.

As London Bridge Project;

  • Our priority is to create success stories in the UK market! To achieve this, we start by providing our customers with a comprehensive and free preliminary analysis for their products and services. We do not start our business without being confident of market and sales opportunities.
  • We plan our preliminary preparation accurately and sufficiently! We fully prepare ourselves and our customers for competition in the market. We act with competitive sales strategies in accordance with the UK market expectations.
  • We operate all over the UK! Our headquarters are in London; but in addition to our Cardiff and Slough offices, our Birmingham and Leeds representative offices offer the opportunity to make the sales locally.
  • We have experienced sales teams! We provide our customers with an assigned or a shared sales person who are experienced in the B2B and B2C sales in the UK. We speak the same language with our specialized sales staff from different sectors such as IT, finance, automotive, food, construction and textile.
  • We reduce your costs with incentives! We provide you with a 50-75% grant from the UK market.


Building on 15+ years of international experience in Sales management, R&D, technology transfer and business development; LBP guarantees 100% of the results.​

As we believe in the success of our customers and share the risk of embarking on their project, we pledge to succeed together with our customers.