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Ozkan Kiziltoprak UK Country Manager - INFINA

London Bridge Project helped us to be prepared for the competition in the market through research of competitors and how we can compete against them. With their experienced sales team, they help us to increase our sales constantly.

Carl Eaton CTO - ARENDI

Fast and Effective The experienced sales team at London Bridge Project delivered the results. With their help, we added very important clientele to our network.

Frank Oakes CTO – INVENTRA

Reliable and Affordable London Bridge Project assisted us with all of our operations in the UK. They prepared us for the UK market, so we knew how to compete against other companies in the field. They reduced our costs by applying for incentives on our behalf.

Sabine Smith Director of Operations – MODAZONE

Same quality each time Through London Bridge Project’s network, we reached clients all around the UK. The team were there with us throughout the events and meetings with prospective clients.

Waton Brady Project Manager - BHP CHEMICALS

The service we received for documentation and reporting exceeded our expectations. All reports of the projects were delivered successfully. We look forward to working with London Bridge Project on upcoming projects.

Dr. Mehmet Gokturk CEO – HUMEXIS

High-quality project management London Bridge Project’s sales team are experienced in sales of different IT technologies, solutions and products. They managed our project from beginning to end for a seamless experience”.

Doruk Ozkaya CEO – APPWOX

High-level dedication With our dedicated sales team members assigned by LBP, our project was focus-driven. We didn’t wait long to see the results of the team’s dedication and focus. We would definitely recommend London Bridge Project to anyone who is thinking of expanding their business into the UK market.

Amir Patel CEO - ZoiTech

London Bridge Project has so far exceeded my expectations. I have easily reached the potentional customers with their well experienced sales team. Now, I do have a good reputation within the market as a UK Company.  

Sarah Munson Co founder - Minion Toys

London Bridge Project gave me step by step guidance on how to grow my business in UK e commerce market and position my product correctly. It has been 1 year since I launched my product at Amazon UK and sales are going reasonably good.

Success Stories

Amazon Outdoor Trousers Sales Operations

Amazon Outdoor Trousers Sales Operations
Outdoor equipment and textiles are one of the most competitive product categories on Amazon. As LBP, we have been bringing together an outdoor textile manufacturer from Turkey with British consumers through Amazon since 2017. Our customer has been in production for nearly 30 years; however, it has always been contracted manufacturing and even though they are strong on the export side, they have not been able to build their brand in foreign markets. As a result of London Bridge Project’s mar...et, brand, product and sales analysis; our customer entered the UK market with its own brand through LBP’s Amazon services and reached 450 pants sales volume per month within a short timeframe. With continuous improvements, it is anticipated that our customers' monthly turnover will soon rise above £20K.

Amazon Camping Equipment Sales

Amazon Camping Equipment Sales
Our client from the UK was a company that was working on importing camping equipment from China but had not yet started to sell online. As LBP, we first conducted Amazon sales analyses for the camping equipment they sold and identified the products that were in demand. With the promotion and pricing strategy for the products determined according to this analysis, more than 250 products were sold in the first month. In the 6 months that followed, we quadrupled the sales of their Amazon store t... we managed end to end Currently, LBP teams actively run Amazon management of 8 different products within the scope of camping equipment.

We turned our customer’s loss to profit in 3 months!

We turned our customer’s loss to profit in 3 months!
Our client who managed his own sales operations on Amazon had lost more than 40.000 Pounds in one year with a transaction volume of over 300.000 Pounds. As LBP, we started the process of restructuring for the correct positioning of our customer by conducting sales, procurement, competition, pricing and advertising analysis. In this context, we optimised not only the Amazon process, but the supply and storage processes as well. We reduced the inventory from 300 to 60 products and optimized the...ofitability. At the end of the third month, with the help of our Amazon sales management processes, our client reached real profitability.

Amazon US Listing Consultancy

Amazon US Listing Consultancy
Choosing the right products for sales on Amazon is vital. There are some misconducts during product selection consultancy in some competitive markets. Some companies, doing this work, use these analyzes for their own Amazon sales. In this context, we provide listing services for our customers from the US with the UK LBP team. Within this scope, LBP manages all processes from product analysis all the way to the photoshoots.

Lingerie Brand Born on Amazon

Lingerie Brand Born on Amazon
Our client who manufactured designer lingerie in Italy had a problem with scaling up their sales despite having reached a limited volume with their e-commerce site. As a result of our analysis, an opportunity was foreseen for the business women in the UK market and a brand-focused sales operation on this segment was initiated. Our client’s brand was well-known within a short amount of time with all Amazon sales processes being managed by LBP teams.

Success Story: Whiskey Stones

Success Story: Whiskey Stones
Unprocessed and processed natural stone exports from Turkey have an important place. However, unfortunately, no branded products are exported anywhere. On the other hand, whiskey stones processed by our client have turned this around at least in their own sector. LBP’s Amazon analysis, listings and sales management of whiskey stones reached a significant volume in just 3 months and became the market leader in Italy and Germany.


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